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Welcome to the PR Highland Speed Championship website, supported by Blackadders LLP.

The Highland Speed Championship exists to promote sprinting and hillclimbing in the North of Scotland. These two disciplines are referred to as speed events. In both cases the aim is for vehicles to cover a set course over tarmac , running singly, in the best time they can manage over several attempts at the course.

The vehicles run according to the regulations laid down by the governing body of motorsport in the UK The Motor Sports Association but you can take part in your everyday road car with a minimum of expenditure as many competitors do to start with, eventually moving on to more and more specialised competition cars.

Cars are divided up into classes by body type eg. saloons or sports cars, engine size and also how much modification has been carried out. There are also classes for specialised racing cars. Each class has its own champion at the end of the season.

Here are a selection of vehicles that may typically be found competing at weekends in speed events.


Highland Speed Championship is supported by Highland Car Club , a member of Scottish Association of Car Clubs.

Follow the link here to the SACC website